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Links: Fig Syrup, Blackberry Butter, and Winners

I stayed up too late canning last night (vanilla peach butter, peach-plum-cherry jam, and apricot everything) and then got up early this morning to fly to Chicago. Just call me the canning jetsetter! I have a slew of events this week and then I’m back to the east coast on Friday afternoon. Now, links! Check […]

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Sponsored Post: Marcella Hazan’s Butter, Tomato, and Onion Pasta Sauce Recipe from Craftsy

As a canner, the next three or four weeks are the pinnacle of my preserving year. While it’s true that there are good things to can all year round, there is nothing better than the moment when local tomatoes are in season, available from local farmers, and sold by the 25 pound box. And that […]

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Upcoming Events: New York! Washington, DC! Lancaster!

I’m off on vacation until Wednesday afternoon, but when I get back, the classes and events are coming hot and heavy straight through to the end of summer. Here’s where I’ll be over the next couple of weeks. July 31 – New York Preserving stone fruit at The Brooklyn Kitchen, Manhattan location. I hear there are just […]

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Preserving by the Pint Errata

When Preserving by the Pint was first published, it contained a handful of typos. Many have been corrected in more recent editions (printings four and higher should be nearly typo-free), but if you have one of the first printings, you might encounter some questionable typos. Here are all the ones that I’ve found or that have been […]

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MightyNest, 4th Burner Pots, & a Preserving by the Pint Giveaway

Back in April, I teamed up with my friends at MightyNest for a canning party at a fabulous cooking school in Evanston called Now We’re Cookin’. I made a batch of my honey-sweetened strawberry jam for the gathered audience and signed a bunch of books. MightyNest held on to a small cache of those signed […]

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Storing Fresh Produce Without Plastic Bags + Giveaway

The season of farmers markets, CSA shares, and home gardens is finally here. After our long winter and equally extended spring, I couldn’t be happier to have access to fresh greens, tasty brassicas like kohlrabi, and local asparagus (and soon, the tomatoes will be here!). One thing that often trips me up for those first […]

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