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Upcoming July Classes: Chestnut Hill! Lancaster County! Online!

I’m teaching four classes this month! One is in Philly, two are out in Lancaster County, and one is another live, online class via Concert Window. I’m focusing hard on tomatoes a little earlier in the summer┬áthat I normally do, in the hopes of sharing those skills before the season starts rocking. I hope some […]

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Giveaway: New Edition of the Ball Blue Book

The Ball Brothers started making canning jars as we know them in Buffalo, NY in 1884. In 1888, production began in Muncie, Indiana (thanks mostly to an abundance of natural gas and a friendly cadre of local businessmen). And in 1909, they published the first edition of their canning guide and recipe pamphlet. Initial printings […]

Cookbooks: Seven Spoons

If you follow the food blog scene, you may have heard that long-time blogger Tara O’Brady recently released her first cookbook, Seven Spoons. I have seen this beautiful book everywhere lately, coupled with glowing praise and pictures of delectable food. Tara’s book landed in my mailbox during that crazy phase when I was finishing my […]

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CSA Cooking: Kale Rapini Spread

Years ago, I picked up a copy of Marcella Says while wandering a used bookstore. While I don’t typically follow the recipes closely, it often provides very useful inspiration, particularly when I’m looking for something delicious to do with unusual produce. One recipe that’s long been in the back of my mind is this one […]

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Resurfacing and Salmon Cakes

It’s been a little over a week since I admitted my overwhelm and put up a picture of rhubarb. The book manuscript has made great strides since then and I’ve pulled myself together enough that I actually have something to say here! Oh glorious day. I’m writing about salmon cakes (or patties, depending on your […]

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Links: Granola Bars, Roasted Cauliflower Leaves & a Winner

I’m now officially in the phase known as book crunch time. I spent most the weekend writing and plan to spend much of the next two weeks on a short tether, moving from stove to computer and back again. Please send all the creative thoughts you can spare in my general direction! Now, links! Loved […]

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