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Cookbooks: Fine Preserving, Salt Sugar Smoke, and Whole Larder Love

Each spring, I like to pick up a few new books in anticipation of the coming canning season. Though my preserving library is already pretty darn extensive, I find that I’m still always casting about for fresh inspiration. Seeing how different authors approach the art of jamming, pickling, drying, and infusing opens up my mind […]

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Guest Post: Pickled Green Tomatoes

Since January, Olivia has been helping make Food in Jars even better. Her family has a tradition of pickling green tomatoes and so we scared up some out-of-season tomatoes (thanks Fair Food Farmstand!) and made a batch. If you can’t get your hands on green tomatoes right now, remember this one for late summer. Eaten […]

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Links: Waffles, Parfaits, and Pickle-brined Chicken + a Blue Jar Winner

We made these grain-free waffles for breakfast this morning and they are excellent. The basic ingredients are just apple, banana, almond butter, and eggs. Amazing! Honeyed grapefruit yogurt parfait with popped amaranth. Sounds entrancing, doesn’t it! Pickle! Brined! Chicken!¬†A very brilliant way to use up leftover pickling liquid. This arugula hazelnut salad is dressed with […]

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More Resources

Want to learn more about canning than what’s offered here on this website? Here are some further resources to get you going. The USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning¬†- Revised in 2006, this is the official canning bible. If you want to know the how and why behind every step of canning, start here. Cooperative […]

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Canning 101

If you have a question about canning, please read these through this page carefully, as you might find your answer in one of my earlier posts. Please remember that I am not a canning oracle. If you are questioning the recipe you followed, or if you deviated from proper canning procedure, please don’t email me […]

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Karen Solomon’s Pickled Asian Pears with Lemon

Asian pears are a tough ingredient for preservers. So much of their charm is in their clean flavor and snappy texture and those are qualities that don’t translate well in a jam or butter. They’re also really quite low in acid and so have be to acidified aggressively in order to be safe for canning. […]

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