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Canning 101: The Easiest Way to Peel Tomatoes (Peaches Too!)

Let’s talk about my favorite way to quickly peel tomatoes and peaches. I mention this technique a lot when I teach classes, and even wrote about it in this post in the context of peeling peaches, but as I broke down a few pounds of tomatoes today, thought it might just bear repeating. Instead of […]

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Links: Plum Preserves, Tomatoes, and Winners

Well kids, it was another whirlwind week (I’m beginning to think that they are the only kind I have anymore). I taught, I spoke, I schlepped jars to and fro (it was book photo shoot week!), and I did my best to write things both here and elsewhere. We are rounding the corner into the […]

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Guest Post: Pickled Green Tomatoes

Since January, Olivia has been helping make Food in Jars even better. Her family has a tradition of pickling green tomatoes and so we scared up some out-of-season tomatoes (thanks Fair Food Farmstand!) and made a batch. If you can’t get your hands on green tomatoes right now, remember this one for late summer. Eaten […]

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Preserves in Action: Bagel with Goat Cheese and Pickled Grape Tomatoes

I live a block away from a restaurant called Village Whiskey. I rarely go there for meals, as they typically don’t take reservations and the lines are often hours long. However, I love to take friends there for a drink, particularly if we’re able to meet up just after 5 pm, before the after work […]

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Five Ways to Preserve Large Tomatoes

Two years ago, in the final weeks before my wedding, I bought and preserved 50 pounds of tomatoes. Last summer, I upped the ante and brought home 100 pounds. This year, though I was sorely tempted to push ever upwards, I kept myself to another 100 pounds. I realize that tomato season is coming to […]

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Five Ways To Preserve Small Tomatoes

Last week, I monumentally lucked out. Heather and Steven from Little Acre Farmstead swapped me ten pounds of little tomatoes for an assortment of jam. I think it may well have been the best trade of my life. Admittedly, my bartering career is in its infancy. But still, I was tickled. Thing is, ten pounds […]

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