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Links: Pickling Cucumbers, Seven Day Pickles, and Winners

I got back to Philly last Monday morning, met Felicia Day on Tuesday (she was the keynote speaker at a conference my husband organized), dashed around on Wednesday trying to do work and then left town again on Thursday (it was a whirlwind week). The weekend of classes in Boston was terrific (thanks to everyone […]

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My Pickling Video from The Daily

About a month ago, two very nice folks drove down to Philadelphia in a rainstorm and spent a day and a half with me. We wandered around Reading Terminal Market and made multiple batches of pickles and jam. The goal was the production of two short canning videos. The first has just been posted and […]

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Canning 101: On Substituting Salt in Pickling

One question I’ve gotten fairly frequently this summer has been about salt. More precisely, people are wondering how to substitute other types of salt for the pickling salt that most canning recipes call for. I’ve done some thinking and some testing in this area and have come to the conclusion that the best way to […]

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A Handy Helper for Speedy Pickling

Several years ago, Scott and I filmed an episode of Fork You about making risotto with our friend Jessie. We cooked in her kitchen and though the whole day was fun, there’s one part of that shoot that has particularly stuck with me. You see, Jessie had this pot that was the most brilliant thing […]

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Some recent pickling projects

I have a secret for you. Sometimes, making pickles is so easy that it doesn’t even require a recipe. I have two recent examples, that I hope, when shared, will inspire you to leap up from your computer and rush to the kitchen in order to toss something (anything) with a bit of brine and […]

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Cookbooks: Pick a Pickle and Pickles & Preserves

We are in the thick of the canning season now. Pickling cucumbers are appearing in heaps at the farmers markets and orchards are selling summer stone fruit by the bushel basket. If ever there was a time to add a new recipe or two to your repertory, now is it. This summer, there have been […]

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